Printer Freelease – Initial And Additional Costs

Initial Payment for lease plan

A payment for first 6 months lease fees will be taken onsite when delivery and installation completed by EFTPOT terminal or via PayPal invoicing.

Do we need to pay for the toners or drum unit for the printer with the plan?

There is no charge for toner. The printer should let us know when the toner is getting low if it has permission, otherwise please give us a call when the printer indicates that the toner is low so we can send it out ASAP.

Delivery & Pick up costs

Delivery and installation $40 +GST (Brisbane & Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast)

Pick up / relocation fee $40 + GST (Brisbane & Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast)

Network Recovery:

Set up of network or resolving of network issues that are NOT caused by the printer but the customer requests a technician to attend $50 + GST call out and $70 per 30 minutes

Other Hardware:

Routers start from $90 or supply your own

WIFI extenders $60 + GST each

IP over power $75 +GST each